Welcome to The Rubenfeld Law Office

The Rubenfeld Law Office  provides professional legal counsel and representation in a wide range of important legal areas for clients who are located in the Middle Tennessee area. We are are highly experienced and committed to preserving and protecting our clients’ rights.  We know what works and will use aggressive strategies to ensure that our client’s interests are at the forefront of every case.

We strive to meet all of our clients' needs and concerns, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the matter. As a result, The Rubenfeld Law Office has a strong record of dedication and commitment to see your matter to a proper resolution.

Abby R. Rubenfeld has been practicing successful law since 1979.  Her wide legal, legislative, academic, and political experience has given her the background to successfully represent clients in a variety of forums. She knows what it takes to win a case, and she is dedicated to her clients’ needs. Her philosophy is that the client’s needs come first.  She believes that the firm’s continued success results from a reputation earned by many years of successful representation of clients in the real world. 

We strive to provide quality representation effectively and efficiently, and to make sure that you get every legal benefit available to you in our complex and ever-changing legal environment. We provide professional representation in a personal and compassionate manner.

 We are located in East Nashville two blocks south of Five Points.